– Property’s 3D 360º Interactive Digital Twin

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At Virtuable, I spearheaded a pioneering venture to introduce immersive 3D capturing technology by partnering with Matterport, a leading company in the United States.

This endeavor allowed us to provide digital twins of properties, revolutionizing the real estate industry in Chandigarh and empowering clients with virtual property tours. While managing the business and overseeing operations, I also took on the role of UX designer, leveraging my expertise to ensure seamless user experiences across digital platforms.

Problem Statement

Traditional real estate marketing methods often fall short in conveying the full essence of a property to potential buyers. Static images and floor plans lack the immersive experience necessary to capture buyers’ attention and imagination.


Virtuable recognized the potential of Matterport’s 3D capturing technology to address this challenge. By partnering with Matterport and undergoing extensive training, Virtuable brought 3D property scanning services to Chandigarh. This technology transformed properties into spatial digital data, enabling virtual property tours and enhancing the real estate marketing experience.


Virtual tour converted into a video

Virtuable embarked on a journey to integrate Matterport’s technology into its service offerings. Key implementation steps included:

  • Partnering with Matterport and undergoing comprehensive training on the 3D scanning process.
  • Launching 3D property scanning services in Chandigarh, catering to residential and commercial clients.
  • Developing a user-friendly Bootstrap website to showcase Virtuable’s services and provide easy access to virtual property tours.
  • Executing digital and outdoor marketing campaigns to raise awareness of Virtuable’s innovative offerings.
  • Establishing strategic partnerships with real estate agencies and property developers to expand the reach of Virtuable’s services.
A screenshot of 360° doll house view of one my projects, Sabar Gym

Incorporating Matterport’s innovative technology, Virtuable seamlessly integrated virtual property tours into Google Street View. This integration allowed users to explore properties not only through the dedicated Virtuable platform but also directly within the familiar interface of Google Maps. By enhancing the accessibility and visibility of virtual tours, this feature extended the reach of Virtuable’s services and provided users with a convenient way to experience properties from anywhere. To experience the virtual tour in Google Street View, click here.


The introduction of Matterport’s 3D technology had a transformative impact on Virtuable’s clients and the real estate market in Chandigarh:

  • Clients experienced increased engagement and interest in their properties, leading to accelerated sales cycles and higher conversion rates.
  • Real estate professionals benefited from enhanced marketing materials, enabling them to attract more qualified leads and close deals faster.
  • The real estate market in Chandigarh saw a shift towards more immersive and interactive property marketing strategies, driven by Virtuable’s innovative approach.

Future Outlook

Building on my experience at Virtuable, where I navigated both business management and UX design roles, I’m poised to delve deeper into UX design. Leveraging my diverse background, I aim to:

  • Integrate business insights with UX principles to craft comprehensive solutions.
  • Utilize my skills in web development, marketing, and branding to inform UX decisions.
  • Apply expertise in 3D scanning and video editing to enrich digital experiences.
  • Collaborate with teams to champion user-centric design and drive innovation.
  • Commit to ongoing learning and professional growth in UX methodologies.

With a passion for creativity and user advocacy, I’m eager to dive into UX design full-time, leveraging my unique blend of skills to create impactful digital experiences.


Reflecting on my journey with Virtuable, I am proud of the innovative strides we made in introducing Matterport’s 3D capturing technology to Chandigarh. From pioneering business ideation to implementing cutting-edge website development and digital marketing strategies, Virtuable exemplified my commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering impactful solutions. Virtuable has been instrumental in shaping my expertise and passion for creating seamless user experiences as a web innovator and UX designer. I look forward to leveraging these skills in my future endeavors.