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from punjab Amandeep Singh Daawar


FromPunjab emerged from the necessity to cater to the unmet needs of the global Punjabi community, facilitating access to culturally significant products beyond geographical boundaries. This initiative aimed to bridge the gap between the diaspora and their cultural heritage through a dedicated ecommerce platform.

  • Identified the global lack of access to specialized Punjabi products.
  • Recognized the need for a centralized ecommerce platform for the Punjabi community.
  • Inspired by the vision of merging cultural heritage with modern convenience.

Problem Statement

The dispersed Punjabi community faced challenges sourcing authentic products, limiting their ability to express their cultural identity and connect with their roots effectively.

  • Limited availability and variety of authentic Punjabi products outside Punjab.
  • Inadequate choice and customization options for culturally significant items.
  • Frustration among community members due to unmet needs for specialized products.


FromPunjab provided a comprehensive solution by curating a diverse range of products directly from Punjab, coupled with customization options to tailor the shopping experience to individual preferences.

  • Established a dedicated ecommerce portal for authentic Punjabi products.
  • Integrated an efficient shopping plugin (Facebook Ecwid) for initial setup.
  • Forged strategic partnerships with logistics providers for reliable shipping.

Roles & Responsibilities

As the founder and UX designer of FromPunjab, I played a pivotal role in its success, overseeing various aspects of the project. From conceptualizing the platform and managing its resources to leading UX design initiatives, ecommerce operations, branding efforts, and partner collaborations, I navigated diverse responsibilities with precision. Explore how my multifaceted expertise drove FromPunjab’s journey and continues to shape my career trajectory in UX design:


  • Conceptualized FromPunjab, establishing its vision and mission.
  • Managed resources and finances for project execution.

UX Design

  • Led problem identification, user research, and design solutions.
  • Ensured seamless user experience through intuitive interfaces and usability testing.

Ecommerce Management

Product photoshoot in action
Color family shade cards were provided for effortless selection of desired colors
Real product photographs were carefully curated for accurate color representation in product thumbnails and images
  • Oversaw the ecommerce platform’s operations and user engagement.
  • Implemented digital marketing strategies to promote FromPunjab.

Branding & Partner Liaison

  • Developed branding elements and maintained brand integrity.
  • Forged partnerships to expand product offerings and increase brand visibility.

Domain & Hosting Management

  • Managed domain registration, hosting, and security to ensure platform accessibility and performance.


The journey began with meticulous research and platform selection, transitioning from a presence on Facebook Ecwid to an independent portal equipped with enhanced features.

  • Conducted in-depth market research to identify target audience preferences.
  • Gradually expanded product offerings sourced directly from Punjab-based suppliers.
  • Transitioned to an independent portal to enhance user experience and functionality.
  • Optimized logistics and shipping processes for timely delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • Iterated on platform design and functionality based on user feedback and market insights.


Happy customer shared his joy of receiving his favorite turban right From Punjab!

FromPunjab significantly improved access to authentic Punjabi products, fostering cultural pride and connection among users worldwide.

  • Increased access to authentic Punjabi products globally.
  • Enhanced cultural pride and community connection.
  • Positive feedback and testimonials highlighting improved shopping experiences.

Access to Website Files

While the FromPunjab website is currently dormant, all project files and materials are available locally. For access to the website or more information about the project, please feel free to contact me.