SubManage – Empowering Users with AI Driven Subscription Management

UX Case study of SubManage - a smart AI powered subscription management system for web enterpreneurs

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This UX case study explores the design of SubManage, a user-friendly platform that empowers busy entrepreneurs like Dhruv Mehta to manage their business subscriptions effectively. Dhruv, a 32-year-old entrepreneur in New York City, struggles to keep track of multiple web-based subscriptions, leading to missed renewals and difficulties understanding his overall spending. SubManage addresses these challenges by providing a comprehensive dashboard, intelligent AI features, and user-friendly management tools.

Research & User Needs

1. User Research:

  • Conducted user interviews with entrepreneurs like Dhruv to understand their subscription management challenges.
  • Analyzed online reviews of existing subscription management tools.

2. User Needs:

  • Clear overview: A central dashboard displaying all active subscriptions with key details (name, cost, renewal date).
  • Renewal reminders: Timely reminders to prevent missed renewals and service disruptions.
  • Easy cancellation: Straightforward cancellation process for unwanted subscriptions.
  • Expense tracking: Ability to track and analyze monthly and annual subscription costs.
  • Organization: Tools to categorize subscriptions for better organization (e.g., marketing, productivity).
  • Security: Secure platform with data encryption to protect user information.

User Persona

A primary persona, Dhruv Mehta, was created to represent the target user group. Understanding Dhruv’s goals (efficient management, avoiding disruptions, tracking spending) and frustrations (forgotten renewals, scattered subscriptions) helps design a solution that resonates with his needs.

Ideation & Design

1. Information Architecture:

  • A user-friendly dashboard displays all active subscriptions with key information (name, spending, renewal date, provider logo).
  • A dedicated section highlights upcoming renewals with clear calls to action (renew or cancel).
  • Users can easily navigate to subscription details and access cancellation options.
  • Realtime AI review and suggestions based on comparison of subscriptions with the competitors.

2. User Interface Design:

  • A clean and minimalist design prioritizes clarity and ease of use.
  • Intuitive icons and clear labels guide users through the platform.
  • Interactive filters enable filtering subscriptions by category or date for better organization.

3. User Flow:

  • A user flow for adding, managing, and cancelling subscriptions ensures a smooth experience.
  • Users can set up automatic renewal reminders for critical subscriptions.
  • Data visualization tools present spending patterns in easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

Key Features

  • Dashboard: Provides a comprehensive overview of subscription spending with interactive elements for deeper insights.
  • Subscriptions: Offers a dedicated section for managing all subscriptions, including filtering, sorting, detailed listings with expenditure graphs, and easy editing options (pause, discontinue).
  • Upcoming Events: A central hub for managing upcoming tasks and deadlines related to subscriptions, including due dates, overdues, required actions, and AI suggestions.
  • AI Assist: Leverages machine learning to provide actionable recommendations for optimizing subscriptions (e.g., suggesting service providers with better value or lower costs). AI can also identify potential issues with late payments or API integrations.
  • Profile: Allows users to manage personal information, payment methods, notification preferences, and subscription preferences for personalized AI recommendations. Data export options and security settings are also included.
  • Settings: Provides options for customizing platform functionalities (potentially including language preferences, data visualization settings) and managing AI settings and API integrations.

Prototype & Testing

    • A high-fidelity prototype is under development to test core functionalities with potential users.
    • User feedback is incorporated to refine the design and address usability issues.
    • Iterative testing ensures a final prototype that meets user needs and expectations.

    High-fidelity prototypes for desktop, tab and mobile device. In case Figma does not load the animations properly, please press the key r on your keyboard to refresh the prototype.

    Evaluation & Future Considerations

    • Usability testing provides valuable insights into user experience.
    • A/B testing can inform future design decisions like optimal dashboard layout.
    • The platform’s scalability should be considered with features to accommodate a growing number of subscriptions.


    SubManage empowers users like Dhruv to take control of their business subscriptions. The platform’s user-friendly interface, intelligent AI features, and comprehensive management tools streamline the subscription management process, save time, and optimize spending. By continuously iterating and incorporating user feedback, SubManage strives to be the leading platform for busy entrepreneurs seeking a smarter way to manage their subscription ecosystem

    Additionally, the platform can consider features for future iterations, such as:

    • Integration with popular accounting software for seamless expense tracking.
    • Budget setting and monitoring tools for proactive subscription management.
    • Collaboration features for teams managing subscriptions collectively.

    By continuously evolving and incorporating user feedback, the platform can remain a valuable tool for entrepreneurs like Dhruv to navigate the ever-growing world of digital subscriptions.

    Looking to improve your own subscription management experience? I’m Amandeep Singh Daawar, a UX designer passionate about creating user-centered solutions. I’m currently seeking new opportunities to leverage my design skills and collaborate on innovative projects. Feel free to connect with me to discuss your design needs!

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